The wife of rapper “softly smiling”: decl burial service in the Church at the Pyatnitskoe cemetery

The coffin with the body of Cyril Tolmatsky has brought on pyatnickoe cemetery. Now in the Church the ceremony of the funeral of the deceased.

According to the publication mk.rucemetery delivered the coffin with the body of decl. The coffin was brought to Church, and relatives are invited, reports LigaNews.

LigaNews previously passed that now takes place online-stream farewell to Declan and his funeral.

The first threshold of the Church was crossed by mother and son decl Tony. Behind them came the rest of the family. Later my mother went to decl fans and invited them to come to the Church for the funeral service, giving the candles.

During the funeral service, all present were silent, and only the wife of rapper “softly smiling”. According to the writer, the woman is just beside herself with grief.

During the service the mother of the rapper walked up to the coffin. The priest said to the woman: “God has all life, as we know. We are all United in love.”

The priest ended the service and asked the relatives to come to say goodbye. The first departed wife, then father, then mother and son. The whole family of the artist is not restrained emotions, except his wife.

“She seemed frozen by grief.” – reports the edition.

LigaNews already submitted footage from farewell to 35-year-old rapper and photos with Pyatnitsky cemetery where buried decl.

Reportedly, at the funeral, a fan tried to stage a provocation, but the father decl quickly pacified.

It is also known that he first saw the decl for 14 years, but in a coffin.
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