We are not talking about ten and about one hundred famous people in the Ukraine: Medvedev revealed the details of counter-sanctions

The main essence of retaliatory sanctions of Russia in relation to Ukraine – is the prohibition to withdraw their capital from the country. This statement was made by Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Russia will block all Ukrainian assets located in Russia. Also it will be forbidden to withdraw to Ukraine all the finances, which are registered and located in the Russian banks, reports TASS.

The decision on new sanctions will be signed in the near future, said the Prime Minister. At the same time Medvedev stressed that most of the sanctions will affect individuals living in Ukraine. Most of these people – known and public in their country.

Medvedev said that it is not about ten Ukrainians, and about the hundreds who daily harm Russia. Also on the list of a place and the law firms.

Moreover, it will be prohibited to import into Russia some goods that are produced in Ukraine. The Prime Minister stressed that as if Ukraine is not bad attitude to the country, but the trade turnover between the countries is in billion.

In General, Russia is very good to the Ukrainian people, but some people deliberately cause irreparable damage to Moscow, said Dmitry Medvedev.
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