Became aware of the new Vanga predictions for the presidential election in Ukraine

Known the seer was talking about which candidate will appear on the political arena of Ukraine.

Experts in the field of predictions interpreted the vision of the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga. Some sayings of the visionaries found confirmation in modern times, however, there are yet unfulfilled. About it reports “Russian Dialogue“, reports the “League news Russia”.

Drawing Parallels between the events in Ukraine and those, which previously warned the seer, can make a conclusion that the future head of the Ukrainian state will not be like its predecessors.

Also, according to Vanga, in the current year on the territory of Ukraine and will not stop the conflict, but the government can come the President of the people. Most researchers believe that in the above case, we talking about Vladimir Zelensky.

The fortune-teller focused on the fact that the future President will go to the polls, guided by the desire to make promises that are not fulfilled by the current political elite.

In addition, Vladimir Zelensky, Ukrainian showman, are officially nominated as a candidate for President of Ukraine party “servant of the people”.

Congress gave authority Ivan Bakanov, the leader of the party, to sign the decision on nomination Zelensky for President from the party of “servant of the people”.
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