Western readers have responded to a video intercept Russian su-27 fighter NATO

Domestic media have already written about what happened and the episode has now been followed by foreign reaction.

Western netizens have given a response to a video released with the Russian su-27 fighter, otogrevshis Thursday, January 31, NATO aircraft from the government of the liner. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”, reports the “League news Russia”.

Intercept wrote many Western editions, including the Daily Mail and The Aviationist.

“Oh my God, this is crazy!”, – wrote user @Kenneth83258000. “Caught off guard… like the cat lunged for the mouse” – admired user qlswtwen530.

While some commentators saw the action of the pilot of the Russian aggression, as this was made in some Western media.

“I don’t see any aggression by the su-27,” wrote a user’archange Gabriel.

We will remind, Ivan O Gilvi posted on his Twitter page the video with the participation of Russian and NATO fighters.

In the post it was stated that the Russian fighter went to the rapprochement with NATO aircraft, to oust him from the government of the Russian aircraft at a safe distance.

It is known that one of the duties of VSK – protection of aircraft of the Russian government. During maintenance of the fighter “su-27” should not only attempt to prevent the attacking aircraft from the air and from the ground. In this case the pilot has to risk his life for the sake of the officials.
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