Finally: the French celebrated the victory at the world Cup with the fans

Sunday, September 9, in Paris, the French national football team 2-1 defeated the team of Netherlands in the match of League of Nations. But this day will be remembered not victory, the main sports event of the year organized by the French football Federation at the “Stade de France” in honor of the second League stars in the form of the team. Monday, September 10, reporters of the French Newspapers discuss delayed for two months the ceremony honoring the winners of the world Championships held in Russia.

Expensive egg to the day of Christ. Or not?

It is possible that after the match with the Dutch, no holiday and would not have been organized if not for the disappointment of the French fans. July 16, the French team triumphantly returned home after winning yesterday in Moscow the world championship title for the second time in 20 years. Victory at the world championship led the French in a kind of euphoria: within a few days and nights in a row on the Champs Elysees in Paris was more people than usually come to the parade in honor of the national holiday on July 14. In the day, when the team returned from Moscow with a trophy, the fans expected that the players will come to the Elysian fields, to share the joy of victory with them, but the bus quickly drove the team on the main promenade of the French capital directly to the Elysee Palace, where the heroes of the world Cup was received by the President Emmanuel macron. The journalists of Le Monde spotted timeduring which the bus with the French team overcame the Champs elysées, and received a total of 12 minutes.

According to data of the newspaper La Croix, on the Champs Elysees meeting with the players waited 300 thousand Frenchmen. Then thousands of fans waited in vain heroes about hotel “Crillon” on the Concorde. The head of the press service of the team Philippe Tournon explained that after leaving the Elysee Palace team once “sold”and “players holiday”. Tired of waiting, the fans rioted. Including their frustration spurred by the fact that the return of the French who lost in the final of the championship the national team of Croatia became a real holiday for fans of: the Croatian players took four hours to reach the Ban jelačić square in Zagreb through the column greeters citizens, chanting “We are Croats!”.

Did not hide the disappointment from a brief moment of communication with the fans themselves, the newly minted world Champions. In an interview with L’equipe Antoine Grisman said: “We thought it (on the Champs Elysees — RFI) will be a small stage, you can talk to. And everything went very quickly. Players were upset, but apparently had to quickly leave for reasons related to security”. Central midfielder Paul Pogba also said: “the Parade was very short, as I understand it, for security reasons. But the players this question absolutely could not control. We are all very upset with the fact that we were unable to enjoy the moment with the fans”. His words leads Le Journal du dimanche.

Two stars in the stands

September 9, athletes and football fans had the opportunity to catch up. However, to celebrate together with the Champions could not 300 thousand fans, and only 80. This is the number of spectators, information La Croix gathered on tribunes “Herds de France”. Long offense is not in the nature of the French fans. Again to thank the heroes of the world Cup, they are “collected” in the stands two giant stars.

After the match with the Netherlands service men of the French team lined up in a semblance of a welcome ranks, and the players under the crowd noise passed between them to Cup of the world Championship. Striker Antoine Grisman came out, parodying the gait characters of their favorite computer games Fortnite, and defender Samuel Umtiti walked to the Cup like a model on the catwalk At the end of such a kind of parade to the stadium came out wearing the captain’s armband during a world Cup goalkeeper and football club Tottenham Hotspur FC Hugo Lloris. In the national team for the matches of the League of Nations was not caused because of a thigh injury in the match of the group stage of the Champions League against real Madrid goalkeeper landed badly on the lawn after a collision with Sergio Ramos. Lloris took the Cup in hand and raised over his head, and later even climbed over the fence that separated the field from the stands to “poperezhivat” fans.

Hugo Lloris “derezhiruet” fans at the “Stade de France”

Liked the show and French football fans and their Dutch opponents. How would the atmosphere at the “Stade de France” if the French team lost against the Netherlands, is not known. Le Figaro quotes the words of striker Olivier Giroud, who brought the team victory over the Dutch: “Tonight was very important to win. And you can count on the unconditional support of the public.”

A modest symbol of the team

If the mascot of the Russian team at the world Cup had a mustache Stanislav Cherchesov, or “whiskers of hope”, symbol of the French became nose N Golo Kante. Such opinion was voiced journalists of the sports Department at the newspaper Le Figaro, and there is no reason to disagree with them. Midfielder Chelsea and the national team of France during a match turns into a real bull Terrier: he is always there where the ball is, always ready to repel the counterattack of the opponent, always ready to run to intercept. In 2017 they tweeted the hashtag #KanteFacts, chief of which was: “70% of the Earth covered by water, the rest is covered N Golo Kante”. Comrade Kant in “Chelsea” Eden hazard told methat when he plays with Called the Holo, he feels like he’s playing with the twins.

“70% of the Earth covered by water, the rest is covered N Golo Kante”

While Kant has a reputation for surprisingly modest footballer: he is not posing, not fun, not involved in conflicts of non-fiction and always hesitate when teammates or fans prolong a song about him to the tune of “Champs Elysees” by Joe Dassin: “He’s short, he’s very nice, he stopped Leo Messi, but we know that he is a crook, N Golo Kante”. Why teammates call Kant a cheat? The answer to this question was given by Paul Pogba at the press conference live on BFM TV: “Anja always very quiet, reserved and humble but not when we’re playing cards”.

9 Sep a song about Kant tribunes “Herds de France” sang the chorus as “La Marseillaise” before the match. In addition to these two winning songs in the playlist of the French national team became the indispensable “We Are the Champions” by Queen and the song “Magic in the air”, the Ivorian group Magic System, which became the official anthem of the team.
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