Iveagh Market dispute may be dealt with through mediation

A dispute over the ownership of Dublin's Iveagh Market building may be dealt with through mediation, the Commercial Court has heard

A dispute over the ownership of Dublin’s Iveagh Market building may be dealt with through mediation, the Commercial Court has heard.

It followed a suggestion two weeks ago by Mr Justice David Barniville, who manages the commercial list, for those involved to go to mediation.

On Monday, the judge admitted two sets of proceedings over the matter to the list and adjourned them to April after he was told “substantial progress” had been made between the parties in relation to mediation.

Both cases are being brought by Dublin hotelier and publican Martin Keane, and three of his companies, Slatterys, Traditional Iveagh Market and Iveagh Market Hotels.


In one, they are suing Arthur Edward Rory Guinness (otherwise Arthur Rory Edward Iveagh) whose ancestor, the First Earl of Iveagh, built the market in the Liberties more than 100 years ago.

They seek an order for possession of both the market building and associated land as well as damages for trespass and unlawful interference with business relations and conspiracy.

Mr Guinness, of Elveden Hall, Thetford, in England says he is the lawful owner and denies the claims.

In the other proceedings, against Dublin City Council, Mr Keane and his companies seek and order for specific performance by the council of a 1997 agreement for the sale of the property to him and his companies.

They also seek orders and declarations including that they are entitled to retain permission they obtained to develop the property. The council refused to accept a new planning application to develop the property in 2019 because of questions over title.


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