Elon Musk was bullied and ‘knocked unconscious’ as SpaceX CEO faced ‘tough upbringing’

Elon Musk reportedly suffered from ‘bullying’ in childhood says expert

At the turn of the year , the born entrepreneur, became the world’s richest person. It is a title he has managed to hold on to, even in the face of competition from Amazon’s founder , who he overtook. While Mr Bezos has a net worth of around £133billion ($182bn), Musk has more than £135bn ($184bn) – both astronomical sums that have grown during the pandemic while millions of people have lost their jobs.

From humble beginnings, Mr Musk now owns a string of companies that are slowly transforming how the world works.

While Tesla is leading the way in driverless car technology, SpaceX is looking to be the first outfit to put a person on – an achievement Mr Musk says he will reach by 2024.

Although one of the world’s most successful businesspeople, Mr Musk had a hard time growing up in South Africa, experiencing endless bullying at the hands of his peers while at Bryanston School.

The saga was retold in brutal detail during the documentary, ‘Elon Musk: The Real Life Iron Man’.

Here, filmmakers spoke to a range of Musk enthusiasts and his close friends and professionals to gauge the torment the entrepreneur suffered as a child.

Jeff Parsons, technology reporter at The Daily Mirror, said: “He had a quite a tough upbringing and there have been reports of bullying as well.

“Any child that shows that art of intellect and interest might come under the glare of the bullies.”

Jonathan O’Callaghan, a reporter at IFL and BBC Earth, added: “He was hospitalised after one particular fight.”

Shockingly, Per Wimmer, Mr Musk’s friend and astronaut, said: “He was a nerd.

“He was bullied at school and at one point was even knocked .

“It wasn’t obvious that he was a genius at that point.”

To compensate for the bullying, Mr Musk took on wrestling classes and judo, in order to defend himself.

With a growth spurt, Parsons noted that he, “really took the bullies head on”.

After thee years at Bryanston, Mr Musk moved to Boys High School, attending the older school from 1986 until 1988.

One of his former teachers, Daniella Albers, told of how the young Mr Musk “excelled in science and also computer studies”, getting a distinction for both subjects.

She said: “I’ve taught many boys over the years, and Elon did stick in my mind.

“I can’t tell you every boy but I can remember Elon sitting at the back of the classroom getting on with his work.”

After graduating high school, aged 17, Mr Musk set off for to attend Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

He shortly transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, funding his studies through small business ventures, later graduating with a degree in economics and physics.

Afterwards, he made his first steps into the technology hub, Silicon Valley, holding two internships positions, and quickly set up plans to start his own business.

That business was Zip2, a successful operation described as the Yellow Pages of the internet.

In 1999, aged 28, he sold Zip2 for £224million ($307m), acquiring £16m ($22m) of the sale for himself.

He pumped this money into a new and experimental company: .

After selling that, he went on to found Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity, all of them intended, he has previously said, to “change the world”.


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