The journalists called for the impeachment

You can guess what the theme will be the main for the March issue of The Atlantic. To do this, just look at his cover, where in big red letters are only one word, IMPEACH. And the phrase under it says: “it is Time for the Congress to determine whether President to do his duty”.

Senior editor of the journal of Yoni Appelbaum to the main article urged lawmakers to decide “whether to remain in office, the President of undermining American ideals.” But still do not expect that to be taken any practical steps because even the Democrats believe such action is premature. And the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi stated “impeachment is not there, and I’m not going to look for them, if you do not get support from the other party.”

At the same time, Applebaum believes that the reason enough – that and the repeated disregard for the Constitution, and attempts to stop the investigation related to trump and members of his administration, and attacks on political opponents. “In General, his behavior is an attack on the democratic system of the USA”, – he concluded.

According to him, once the Democrats were in the majority in the House of representatives, lawmakers are no longer allowed to shirk their constitutional duty. This calls them and billionaire, Tom Stayer, one of the major financial donors to the Democratic party, which has invested several million dollars in the campaign, urging at least begin the impeachment process. In addition, he has previously stated that in 2020, intends to run for the presidency.

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