In the woods we found an unusual kitten-midget

Veterinarians have identified a rare form of dwarfism in a kitten who was found in a forest in Northern Arizona.

A kitten of unusual form – small and kosolupenko found in early July in the woods in Northern Arizona. The “findings” was tiny ears, and the muzzle is round and flattened. But most of all surprised people that the baby moved a little weird.

Kitty looked in General like a cross between the Persian breed with Mancina, whose short legs. Enthusiast, dedicated animal rescue, Ashley Victors took the found pet to the vet, who put unusual appearance with the result of genetic mutation.

The vet said that this is a rare form of feline dwarfism. But, fortunately, the rest of the cat was completely healthy, – quotes “YAP” Ashley.

She took the baby to her and named the kitten Potato (Potatoes). Although still can not understand how this kid managed to survive in a dense forest, without a mother (the cat was never found).
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