Keeping migraine at bay!

The intensity of the pain is reduced as certain exercises help boost circulation and improve blood flow to the brain, says yoga expert Mansi Gulati

Only a migraine patient knows the blinding pain that an attack brings, and the lingering discomfort, nausea and inability to function that these headaches leave behind. Here are some gentle ways to ward off an episode or at least reduce the distress

A migraine is an episodic debilitating headache requiring long-term management. Experts say yoga exercises, deep breathing and meditation have been proven to reduce stress, one of the main triggers of these headaches.

The intensity of the pain is reduced as certain exercises help boost circulation and improve blood flow to the brain, says yoga expert Mansi Gulati. She lists a few exercises that can help relieve migraines, and explains why they’re so beneficial.  

Squeeze Exercise
This allows you to ‘squeeze’ out the tension and focus on balance, alleviate stress and improve concentration. It gives all of your facial muscles a workout.
l Squeeze your face and hold it for 10 second, keeping the breath normal; then release the muscles.
No matter how much tension you hold in your face and neck and how much tightness you feel in these parts of your body, facial yoga will relax you within a few seconds.

Smooth Forehead Exercise
This exercise uses acupressure to remove tension at key points on your forehead. Touching these pressure point can relieve headaches that are caused by eyestrain and sinus pain or pressure. With consistent practice, this relaxing movement will help prevent wrinkles and smooth any persistent forehead lines too.
l Fist your hands and place them at the centre of your forehead.
l Apply pressure using your middle and index finger knuckles.
l Maintain pressure as you slowly slide your fists to either side.
l End at your temples, gently applying more pressure.
l Repeat four times.

Index Exercise
The point of the ‘third eye’ can be found between your eyebrows, where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead. Firm pressure applied to this pressure point is thought to relieve eyestrain and sinus pressure that often cause migraine attacks.
Use the index finger of one hand to apply firm pressure to this area for 1 minute.

A backward bending asana, it gives a nice stretch to your stomach and thighs while strengthening your back and providing relief from the migraine.
l Stand on the knees. Keep knees and feet together.
l Lean backward.
l Push the hips forward.
l Bend the head and the spine as far back as possible without straining.
l Relax the body and the muscles of the back.

This will help you slow down your thoughts, become conscious of your breath and pay more attention to your body. It calms your brain and nervous system.
l Rub your hands together, generating heat in your palms; then place the base of your palms on your eyes.
l Stay like that and breathe.
l Hold the position for 30 seconds.


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