Defrosting fluid in a car

Probably, every car enthusiast faced such a problem as me: it suddenly froze, and there was either water in the washer reservoir or an anti-freeze diluted according to the weather.
 Defroster washer fluid in the car

You go out onto the road, and there porridge flies from under the wheels onto the glass, especially in St. Petersburg, they pour some kind of chemistry on the roads, after which a white coating remains on the glass. And the non-freeze does not pour, because it is frozen. I propose this solution: put a heating pad inside the washer reservoir. Even if there is solid ice, but there is at least a little free space on top, you can put a heating pad there, connect it to the battery (preferably through a fuse), pour a normal washer for heat diffusion and go, someday the contents of the tank will melt.
The first thing that came to mind was a nichrome thread from an old hair dryer.
Washer fluid defroster in a car Also found an old porcelain resistor denomination of 1 kOhm,
Washer defroster liquids in the car which, however, does not matter because of its incomparably large resistance in comparison with the nichrome thread (I wound 4 Ohms). This resistor works as a stove and at the same time as a contact pad, it is not soldered nichrome. To prevent the turns from shortening, with a hacksaw make notches for metal.
Washer fluid defroster in a car Washer fluid defroster in a car  Washer fluid defroster in a car Washer fluid defroster in a car  Washer fluid defroster in a car We wind the nichrome wire around the resistor contact, then a few turns, and to another resistor contact. I got 4, 3 ohms. We consider: 12/4.3 = 2.8 A * 12 V = 33 watts. It seems to me enough, and not much, and not a little. Life will show.
At home there was no powerful power supply for the experiment, I took what was, 8 V 3A. in life, in my opinion, from 12 V will work 1/3 more powerful. My car has a bottle neck as narrow as a jug, so the resistor is small. Actually, that's all. It would be nice to find “crocodiles” for clinging to the battery, but in extreme cases it will do. Empirically, you can choose the right number of turns of nichrome wire.


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