The California resident came out of the coma, and he staged the February Christmas

Ryan Kane of San Diego (CA) after 6 weeks of coma, he returned home to celebrate naboutscnee — February — Christmas with my family and neighbors.

10 Dec guy was hospitalized with flu symptoms. According to parents in the hospital he was diagnosed with pneumonia, which turned into a septic. Soon Ryan was in a coma.

The patient stayed in the ICU for almost 6 weeks.

“All this time his body was completely controlled by machines, says the kid’s mother Janet. — When Ryan was in the ICU, on life-support systems there were another 5 patients. Ryan is the only one who survived.”

According to Janet, the first thing son asked, waking up was: “did I miss Christmas?”

“I said, “No, Christmas can be anytime of the year,” says the woman. — We are waiting for you at home to celebrate”.

Learning about the recovery of Ryan, neighbours Ellingham Drive out to the house of a cane to greet the guy.

“When he was in the hospital, I dreamed about this day — the day when he gets home. Believe in miracles. They happen”, says Janet Kane.

Ryan’s dad agreed with his wife.

“It’s incredible what the power of prayer and, more importantly, what is the power that unites people. I am proud of our community, “says Russ Kane.

Ryan thanked all of the gathered neighbors, and admitted that “enjoying this Christmas like no other in my life”.

Man, waking up after a 6 week coma, celebrated Christmas in February updated: February 11, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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