Travel abroad: it has become well-known reason for the prohibition of Bulk to leave Russia

Alexei Navalny was going to leave Russia, but he was not released from the country. As it turned out the policy is a weakness in the form of unpaid fines.

The staff of the Federal service of court bailiffs claim that in the database, the opposition politician is listed as the debtor, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets“.

The incident occurred in one of the Moscow airports. During border control the Bulk passport and said that the departure from Russia he is forbidden.

After a while on the website of the Federal bailiff service for the Kirov oblast, Navalny is listed as the penalty box. Policy require to pay the debt in the amount of 2 164 618 rubles.

Navalny claims that he has no unpaid fines. While still at the airport, the politician contacted the bailiff, and that he was assured that he had not forbidden him to leave Russia.
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