“Oscar” and the global conspiracy

The announcement of the nominees for the “Oscar” — this is a collective shot of the laughing drugs: experts, observers, fans, sympathizers, who consider themselves as such, even the normally indifferent — as all the team are included in the overall bustling traffic. In this General movement there are several major directions.

First. On the day of the announcement of the nominees (the second wave will go on the day of the Oscars) the number of people knowledgeable about all the undercover games in the American Academy is frightening. Even surprising, as until now, academics did not understand this and was not afraid that all their mischief and ugly arrangement has long been known on the other side of the ocean, in far cold Russia?

It was found, for example, that academics among themselves have agreed not to give the Oscar to the movie “the Green book” Peter Farrelly, because well as you can give prizes for films about blacks? We also found out that academics have agreed to give the “Oscar” film “the Green book” because I don’t give Oscars to films about racial issues in our time impossible. One can only wonder — how the Academy actually works, if it has long brought clean water?

The second direction is directly related to the second cohort of experts. This direction is being developed by those who have long realized that the Oscars are given only for political reasons. Among the political motives of these experts know one: political correctness. It haunts them their collective dreams, she chases them in the street, at home, at work, in bed and on walks, sometimes taking the guise of a beloved dog. Scholars from this cohort are convinced that there can be no other reasons, on which “Oscar” was awarded to a particular film.

If the picture is black — it is clear that the film will get an Oscar thanks to him. If the film is representative of sexual minorities — brainer that he brought “Oscar” founders of the picture. If you nominated a film from Russia (and this in fact happens, as we know, so often that it has become just indecent), the representatives of the Russian, pardon the expression, the elite here will explain that it is solely demonize Russia.

If the film is anti-war theme is all too clear, America is now fashionable to pretend to be a pacifist. Trend, you know. The topic of refugees is also, as is known, a product of the very political correctness, so if in the picture there are refugees, illegal immigrants, migrant workers and if they, God forbid, the unfortunate fate (although it would seem — what kind of trouble can be refugees, illegal immigrants?!) — I think the authors of this film “Oscar” in the pocket.

If the film is not found either one of these lines, then perhaps we are witnessing the birth of some new, yet secret. It is only necessary to dig up and present to the world. But in any case, without the policy and its offspring-the monster of political correctness — the Oscar would have died.

Well, the third vector, in a sense summarizing the first two “Oscar” has died. His rating has fallen and will never rise. The world has openly laughing at this throwback, and only the Academy didn’t want to hear this laughter. The millions of viewers who dropped to the screens in the Oscar evening, really just want to jeer and mock at have lost the rating of “Oscar”, and soaring box-office takings of the films-winners there is nothing like the last dying belch of its former prestige.

In short, Denmark is not just wrong — it simply is not. What you see is fiction. Mirage. Wishful thinking.

So let’s be honest and in order.

“Black Panther” — from the title it is understandable why this film is Ryan Kugler nominated as best film. Without black, of course, nowhere. Even though Pantera — academics still, they are important — to not suspect the lack of political correctness. “Black all kinds of things over the” spike Lee — also without options. Antiracist against the racists and the antiracists are winning — what more do you want? “The green book” by Peter Farrelly — all one hundred percent hit. Good black and bad white, and finally white gets a good — what is there really to say?! With “Bohemian Rhapsody” too, no mysteries — there is Freddie mercury, the main character, and he, as everyone knows, was gay. “Mistress” , George Lanthimos — there was a lesbian mixer Royal love, not to nominate. Well, it is not clear how we got the”Roma” Alfonso Cuaron, “Power” Adam McKay and “a Star is born” Bradley Cooper.

Having read these reviews, try not to be upset and only to regret cinema, which had become the most popular and most accessible type of art, and therefore subject to the most severe expertise.

Although, of course, these estimates are sometimes megapolisomancy and worthy of attention. For example. “On this film for the first time fell asleep”. “At least this Director is considered to be one of the hottest European Directors, in my opinion, he is very weak”. “The film is a nauseating load of crap”. “I don’t know what the critics found in this film — in my opinion, sludge from sludge”. Or, say, happened in the social networks to stumble upon this dialogue: “I left forty minutes later. — Well, you’re a hero — I had to sit through twenty. — You guys are great, I in the first minute understand what stuff, and ran away. — I do not go”.

It was a digression about on the topic. But if it is on, and seriously, the Oscar nominees this year was predictable. Also, perhaps the “Black Panther” on a new black superhero — and that is only because the earlier comics in the main nomination did not break. By the way, especially for snobs: “Black Panther” is a surprisingly smart and insightful film, it is the conflict of races and sexes are getting much more subtle interpretation and predictions than all films with such conflicts.

This year in the category of eight candidates, though under the rules there can be up to ten. Such nominees as “a Star is born” Bradley Cooper “Black all kinds of things over” spike Lee, besides the obvious professionalism and considerable charm, there is nothing special about. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Bryan singer and the “Power” Adam McKay are charged with very colorful main characters, Freddie and Dick Cheney — and beautifully played, and Rhapsody still fullof music that can cause seizures rave nostalgia, but to call these pictures are outstanding only in the absence of competitors.

Witty “Mistress” — about women’s fighting without rules to the British throne, played by three Actresses of without fear and without reproach. Olivia Colman for her role as the Queen noted in a nomination “best actress”, and her two partner — Emma stone and Rachel Weisz as best actress of the second plan. Give, if possible, Oscars to all three — they deserve.

The “green book” Farrelly seems easy only at first glance. The story of an unexpected friendship exquisite black musician-a gay man and his white bydlovaty driver, the incident in the racist America of the 60s, not opportunistic hack “on topic”, but subtle, witty, in-depth study of the phenomenon of overcoming stereotypes with inherent in human nature mechanisms. These mechanisms are not as complicated as it may seem, is friendship and the ability to comprehend the incomprehensible. Actually, it’s a movie about the priority of nature over society invented obstacles. If the epithet “spiritual” was not as satscan obalan and vulgarity, would be safe to use it — just that case. But we won’t. Dangerous. Maharshal Ali has received the “Golden globe” for the role of the black musician, and Viggo Mortensen — alas, passed. It is hoped that “Oscar” be more careful, because his work in the “Green book” was a pinnacle in his already bright career.

About Roma Alfonso Cuaron wrote already a lot. Some, by the way, I was surprised that the painting was included in a nomination “the best film”, although filmed in Mexico and in Spanish with Mexican actors. But here we must remember that the rules of “Oscar” does not preclude to include in the main nomination of any film. By the way, “Love,” Haneke is also nominated in the major categories, and as the best foreign language film. Cuarón is also in the category “best Director”.

Rather, it is “Roma” and “Green book” will be the main competitors at this year’s “Oscar”. Well, at least according to common thinking needs to become them. Although because Roma have neither blacks nor homosexual love. I wonder — what will our “experts” if Roma will win? Apparently, there will be a new round of conspiracy theories.
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