Pugachev has “traded” the funeral decl to go to the movies

Alla called late decl “my boy”, but instead of a funeral artist, the Diva decided to go to a movie premiere.

Yesterday, February 6, almost all the stars of Russian show business was at the premiere of “pilgrim” in Moscow, reports LigaNews with reference to ““.

Alla in the company Galkin and Kirkorov shone on the red carpet, at that time, when I passed the parting with the 35-year-old Kirill Tolmatsky.

All the fans thought Alla honored by the visit of farewell to Declan, but that didn’t happen.

“What is it?! Boy, where have you gone?” – written by Pugacheva on the day of death decl in his microblog of “Instagram”.

It is known that in 2001 Decl with the song “My tears, my sorrow” was performed at the “Christmas meetings” Alla Pugacheva.

LigaNews already submitted footage from farewell to 35-year-old rapper and photos with Pyatnitsky cemetery where buried decl.

As previously reported LigaNews, the father first saw the decl for 14 years, but in a coffin. It is also known that the funeral decl mystically fell a large Orthodox cross.
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