Winners and losers in the “shutdown”

President trump has put his signature to a joint resolution of both houses of Congress, marking the agreement between Democrats and Republicans on the resumption of the work of all government departments, but only for a period of three weeks, until February 15.

Now during this time is necessary to reach agreement on the issue of long-term settlement of the situation on the southern U.S. border with Mexico, that is, the so-called wall on the border.

About a quarter of all Federal institutions and about one-third of employees of the Federal government worked without pay or have been unpaid leave for 35 days. This record for the duration of the partial shutdown, as it is called in America a partial suspension of the activities of state institutions.

Major U.S. publications agree that trump has lost, at least for today: he doesn’t bargain with Democrats penny for the construction of the border wall, which was declared a prerequisite for the solution of the problem of illegal migration and for which, in fact, went for confrontation with Democrats, stating that he would not sign the missing budget resolution if it does not receive $5.7 billion up on the wall. Even desperate supporters trump called him a “wimp” and compared to Bush, who is deeply disappointed in the electorate, departing from a key campaign promise not to raise taxes. Judging by the polls, many Americans voted for trump in 2016, primarily because they believed it solemnly assurance to erect an impenetrable redoubt on the Mexican border, and at the expense of money from the budget of Mexico, not the United States.

The trump party members in Congress, it seems, had no choice but to agree to a temporary peace: the Democratic party from January 1, a majority in the lower house, and the Republicans hold the two-thirds votes in the Senate required to approve budget bills. The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and minority leader in the upper house and Chuck Schumer managed to preserve the unity of the ranks of the opposition, can not be said about their rivals. Exactly Schumer on behalf of the party led successful negotiations with majority leader Mitch McConnell.

The hope of the Republicans was not for that, the main blame for the stalemate around the budget and “shutdown”, according to most commentators, lay on them. A large number of civil servants by party affiliation Democrats. Therefore, more and more air traffic controllers serving the key North-Eastern corridor, Boston, new York, Baltimore, Washington, Miami made out of hospital sheets and not go to work, as well as their colleagues in the Tax office. The slower processing of tax returns would delay refunds to millions of citizens unnecessarily made the tax amounts. The Director of the FBI, trompowsky appointee, is also openly resented the fact that his staff were left without wages. Donald trump, meanwhile, treated the guests of the White house hamburgers.

However, if the appointed date in February, the agreement on the wall will not take place, the President will once again challenge the Democrats, and it is possible that impose a state of emergency to bypass Congress to reallocate the budget. A similar threat came from the White house this time. The constitutionality of such measures can be discussed, but the crux of the issue is not legal but political: many Republicans are afraid to create a precedent of granting the chief Executive a part of the prerogatives of the legislative power in a situation is undoubtedly complex, but not explicitly as a crisis. What if the future President, for example, the Democrat – introduced a state of emergency, reacting, say, global warming?

According to the assessment of The New York Times, Donald trump actually surrendered days ago, admitting: “We don’t need a concrete wall all along the border of 3500 km of” the President also said: “the solution to the problem of border security is not only a physical barrier but also includes the use of drones and electronic devices.” However, went on assignment not just Republicans. Democrats, for their part, agreed to increase funding for a variety of measures to strengthen border control (except walls), and has recognized (at least in words) the seriousness of the problem of illegal migration.

The White house announced that the arrears of salaries of Federal employees would be paid in full in a matter of days. But “shutdown” in the material plan will be consequences: many firms working under contract with the state, will receive one hundred percent compensation for the downtime. According to some estimates, the US economy over the 35 days of “shutdown” lost at least $6 billion, which is more than the amount that the President requested for the construction of “concrete-steel” barrier with Mexico.

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