Boys shaved to support the patient’s grandfather and was reprimanded at school

Brothers grandfather after round of chemo, lost my hair, so they decided out of solidarity to “get rid” of its own.

Grandpa 15-year-old Ethan Evans and 13-year-old Callum underwent chemotherapy and lost my hair, that the boys and decided to support him in this difficult moment. They shave her head without a moment’s regret about their model haircuts. Family living in the United States, supported the initiative of their children.

However, the most shocking was the fact that the other boys reprimanded. Teachers felt that Ethan and Callum is now different from all other students, which is unacceptable. And Rachel’s mom Louise, who was so proud of the deed his sons were very upset because of this misunderstanding.

– I thought it was incredibly brave, especially at their age, and could not proud of them, – quotes the portal Rachel.

The story of the grandfather of the school administration is not convinced, and the teacher and is asked why the brothers did not wait for the holidays when you can do everything you want. The mother explained that they wanted to do it while grandpa is in isolation and treated, but the teacher didn’t care.

– I’m terrified. I thought they should be praised for the courage and wish the grandfather all the best, stood up for their sons, Rachel Louise.

But netizens expressed their admiration and support for the teenagers. “You look great”, “Your grandpa is proud of you both”, commented people.
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