Lukashenko warns: excessive cooperation with Washington could harm Warsaw

Poland, of course, makes no sense to worry about “Belarusian threat,” but this does not mean that it is now Warsaw can rattle of weapons, thinking that Minsk will just observe what is happening.

Such statement on Tuesday, February 12, was made head of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during the appointment of Vladimir Chushev for the post of head of diplomatic mission in Poland.

“They should not expect from us some kind of threat, but this does not mean that when they rattle the saber, we will quietly look at it. Here it is worth considering and our joint Belarusian-Russian group in this direction”, — said the President.

According to him, relations between Warsaw and Minsk have much of a chance in the foreseeable future. Of course, there are a number of issues, but they are all solvable with the right approach, assured Lukashenko: “we Must do everything possible, because the coming years for the Belarusian-Polish relations will be decisive”.

As reported in News Front, Poland has received a controversial proposal from the United Stateswho are willing to expand the American military presence in exchange for the waiver of Warsaw-cooperation with China and Iran. Lukashenka earlier warned of the possibility of a symmetrical response on the part of Minsk, if in Poland will be new US military bases.
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