Democrat Amy Klobuchar will go into the 2020 presidential

Yesterday, February 10, the legislator from Minnesota — 58-year-old Amy Klobuchar announced that he will run for the presidency for the sake of “each and every worker, farmer, dreamer and Builder“.

At the heart of our country at a time when we need to heal the heart of our democracy, I stand before you as the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Minnesota, to tell us about [the nomination] his candidacy for President of the United States, “said Klobuchar, speaking to the inhabitants of his native state.

In the U.S. Congress Amy Klobuchar was elected in 2006, becoming the first female Senator from Minnesota, and since then was twice re-elected. Prior political career she was 8 years attorney General Hennepin is the largest district of the state, which includes Minneapolis. In this position, she has achieved the sentencing of almost 300 convictions for murder and has done much to reduce the number of crimes involving weapons.

In the Senate Klobuchar protect the rights of consumers, supported the tightening of privacy on the Internet and lower prices for prescription drugs.

According to Amy Klobuchar, origin and geography of work will help her to avoid the other candidates in the General election. The Midwest has helped Trump to win in 2016, and the Democrat — good support among the so-called blue-collar workers — the working class, many of whom live in the Midwest.

In 2015, the politician has released the autobiography “the Senator next door: a memoir from the heart”.

Amy Klobuchar joining a huge list of candidates which-in addition to her already 3 female senators-Democrat Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand. Also it became known about the possible involvement of the main rivals trump on the election in 2016, Hilary Clinton.

Last week’s edition of the Huffington Post , 3 people on condition of anonymity announced its refusal to participate in the presidential campaign Klobuchar — partly due to the fact that the Senator was abusing his employees. In an interview with reporters after this news, she did not make excuses.

Yes, I can be tough, said Klobuchar. — And Yes, I can push people away. I know that. And I have high hopes for [the very] himself. I have high hopes on people who work for me. But I lay great hopes on this country. And that’s what we need“.

At the same time, the online portal “the Worst bosses?” (Worst Bosses?) found that Klobuchar is the high turnover rate in the Senate for the year. Although the Senator’s office deny that it is bad for subordinates.

Senator Klobuchar loves its employees — that’s why she got to where she is today, — said the press-Secretary of presidential candidate. — She has a lot of employees that have been with her for many years, including chief of staff and state director who collaborated with her 5 and 7 years, as well as political adviser Justin Bwain who works with her 14 years“.

Another democratic Senator will take part in the presidential election of 2020 updated: February 11, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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