Died people’s artist of Russia Sergei Yursky

Sergei Yursky has died on 84-m to year of life.

On the death of the actor has informed today a press-service of the theater of the Moscow Soviet, in which almost half his life he worked for the actor, reports LigaNеws.

As reported by his daughter Darya yurskaya, he died from cardiac arrest. The time and place of the funeral will be reported later.

As you know, at the end of December 2018, the Jurassic was urgently hospitalized in the infectious Department of a Moscow hospital.

The actor was in the hospital with inflammation. Jurassic condition doctors assessed as moderate. The exact reasons for the hospitalization was not disclosed.

Creative career of the artist started in 1978 when Sergei Yursky moved to Moscow, where he became an actor, and later Director of the Theater Mossovet.

Jurassic starred in many films. He is remembered for his roles in the films “Love and pigeons”, “the Golden calf”, “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, “Republic SHKID” and many others. In addition, he’s got so many years in the theater. City Council where listed as an actor and as a Director. He simultaneously works in “School of modern play”.

As previously reported LigaNews, died, Director popular Soviet children’s movie “Three nuts for Cinderella” Vaclav Vorlicek. It is also known that due to a serious illness died theater and film actress guranda Gabunia.
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