A giant hole in Arctic glacier promises the disappearance of new York and Miami

In the research world reported the detection of a mysterious entity that promises danger to the American metropolis – new York.

According to preliminary information, the above anomaly was identified in Antarctica. According to experts, the glaciers found a huge hole, which is in size comparable to the area of Manhattan. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

As the ice cover disappears at a rapid pace, it is possible that some of the ice above the hole simply will be in the ocean. These metamorphoses can be a cause of flooding in new York and Miami.

The above cavity is located beneath the glacier Toilets. Estimates state that the hole has a diameter of six miles and a depth of 1000 feet. As you know, in recent years the glacier has receded from the former location at a distance of 650 feet. Total destruction of the ice shell may occur within 50-100 years, as at one point the water level in the oceans may rise two feet.

This kind of reasoning made at the National data center for snow and ice Ted Scambos who used special sensors.

Before the people from Nibiru urgently left the Antarctica. Recall that the Arctic archipelago contained mysterious signs.
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