Athlete Kevin Mayer set a new world record in the decathlon

French all-rounder, the current world champion Kevin Meyer became a hero last weekend. 26-year-old athlete set a world record in the decathlon, speaking at the annual competition Décastar in Talence. Meyer improved the previous record by 81 points. Especially glad he took the record after a disappointing failure at the United championship.

The previous record in the discipline was established in 2015 and belongs to American Ashton Eaton. The athlete won the decathlon, scoring 9045 points. “This amount seemed unattainable. Many of the best all-rounders and not overcome the barrier of 9000 points. When did Ethan, everyone thought he was an alien”, — says the athletics coach Pierre-Jean Vazel. Kevin Meyer became the third athlete, who managed to get into this unspoken “club desyatitysyachnye”. 30-year-old Ashton Eaton in the beginning of 2017, announced that he was leaving the big sport. That is now on the scoreboard with a record will show off its name and not the name of Ashton Eaton, Kevin Mayer said : “firstly, his name with the Board with the record I wash with great respect. Since 2011, the guy was a real example and showed incredible mental strength, technique and power. He performed in the all-around real revolution. And I’m not inclined to say that I won. I will say this: thanks to him I managed to go further than he.”

Their result the athlete is called incredible and admitted, “he did not want to get down from the seventh heaven.” “In addition to the performances, I was blinded by emotions that I read in the eyes of my family and all viewers. For this I am doing a decathlon”, — noticed him. The words of the new record causes the channel France 3.

For two days connoisseurs and lovers all around watched as Kevin Meyer created a comfortable advantage over rivals. At each new stage of competition the athlete has established personal bests: he ran the hundred meters in 10,55 seconds, flew in the long jump of 7.80 m and threw a spear at 71,90 m. to Constantly improve my personal best — a proprietary feature of Meyer. Since 2012, he has virtually no appearances, where he would not show a new personal best.

A former friend of Meier athletics club Montpellier Romain Barra admits: “I was surprised by his evolution, when he qualified for the Olympic games in 2012, breaking his personal record. But I didn’t think that he will continue to progress, but he did not stop again and again to do it. This is a passionate man who is never satisfied.”

Apparently, the same perfectionism and constant striving to improve sobstvennye indicators and led Kevin Meyer to the world record. His victory, he calls a gift to all decathlon: “I want very much to bring in the all-around. So this is the best gift that I could do this sport — to attract attention in France, which is not obvious. The more we shows good results, the more our sport will say. And I want to share the passion that you feel about him. For me this is the most important. The triathlon is a wonderful sport, but it’s even more than just sport”.

The race at 1,500 meters and the ultimate triumph

August Kevin Mayer has been dramatic, mainly due to failures at the joint European championship on summer sports. Him Mayer arrived as favourites, but failed all three attempts in the long jump and said goodbye to the dream of the record and the podium. Commenting on the failure of the air France tv sport, the champion was barely holding back tears: “I’m in excellent shape. Jump I didn’t want to get tied down: in the first attempt flew very far, but took up, I began to retreat and retreat for takeoff, but still blew it. It is a sport. I’m so disappointed in myself and even more upset, because he failed those who were rooting for me and waiting on me for results today. It’s hard. I’m sorry.”

After the season, Meyer went on holidays, as originally planned, and furiously continued to train. As you approach the launch date in the athletics circles are increasingly talking about the prospects of a new world record in the performance of Myer, however, the athlete did not even mentioned. He optimized the training program, consulted with jumper champion Renaud Lavillenie and discus thrower Melina Robert-Michon.

According to Mayer, the main objective for Décastar for him was simple — to reach the end of the competition, rather than retiring at intermediate stages. Such tactics led him to victory, but a universal prescription, in his own recognition of the athlete, there is no “Secret recipe no — only one job. I would say, is the ability to combine work with circumstances in which you are and are making for yourself. I had the perfect circumstances: I prepared and gave everything in order to achieve a result. Many people had to sacrifice, but it has brought such results that do not dare to call it a sacrifice. Call it a choice.”
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