Would the Capitol mob have killed Mike Pence?

Grinning between a thick, grey turtleneck and a red MAGA beanie, a woman named Dawn Bancroft described her experience storming the U.S. Capitol in January. With her friend happily looking on, she spoke in a selfie-style video that would later appear in an affidavit from federal prosecutors bringing criminal charges against her. “We got inside. We did our part,” Bancroft crowed. “We were looking for [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)] to shoot her in the friggin’ brain, but we didn’t find her.”

But what if Bancroft had found her? How real was the risk of violence to disfavored officials during the sedition at the Capitol? One of the impeachment managers in the Senate trial of former President Donald Trump for inciting the riot, Rep.


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