Amazon has become the most valuable company in the world and is worth now $797 billion

The tech giant Jeff Bezos formally took 1st place in the list of most expensive companies in the world. Now the total cost of the online retailer Amazon is $797 billion.

On Monday the company’s shares rose by 3%, reaching $1629,51. Thus, Amazon has bypassed the brainchild of bill gates, the value of the shares of which rose 1% to $102,06. The price of Microsoft is currently $784 billion.

So, the Amazon price was close to $800 billion.

In the next few years Amazon will beat all possible records on growth rates. Photo: Depositphotos

Most experts on the stock markets believes that the company Bezos will continue to go up. In their opinion, in the next few years Amazon will not only increase the separation from competitors, but will continue to beat all possible records on growth rates, increasing the financial power of its owner.

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world: at the moment, his fortune is estimated at $126,2 billion According to Forbes, the businessman has become the most successful entrepreneur in 2018, increasing its capital to $27.9 billion, the Second place went to the founder of Uniqlo, Tadashi Yanai, whose fortune has grown to $7 billion.

This significant gap says about unconditional leadership of the American online retailer, and its enormous potential. Given that in may, Jeff Bezos announced plans to build a base on the moon, earned last year it is very useful.

The company Jeff Bezos has reached a value of $797 billion and became the most expensive in the world updated: January 8, 2019 author: Paul cat
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