Why Trump had to retreat

According to the survey conducted by The Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, with 42% to 34% for the month decreased the proportion of Americans who approve of the President, and that the number is now close to the minimum for the duration of his reign.

And while among Republicans it reaches almost 80%, the reputation of Donald trump in the eyes of independent voters really can be described by the phrase “worse than ever”.

In principle, it is possible not to doubt that the rating has fallen as a result of the longest in the history of the suspension of the activities of Federal agencies as well as trade wars and information about what in 2016 has already been leading the company, trump sought deal on the construction of a skyscraper in Moscow.

According to a survey by AP-NORC, 60% of Americans believe that the responsibility for the “shutdown” is just of the President, the Democrats or the Republicans in Congress it lay, respectively, 31% and 36% (if the answer to this question could select multiple options). Moreover, 65% of the respondents (86% of Democrats, 69% of independent and 33% of Republicans) believe the situation a big problem.

Its immediate cause was the reluctance of Congress to allocate $5.7 billion to the construction of the “wall”, and this project is also not popular. Overall, 49 percent of Americans oppose proposals to fence themselves off in this way from Mexico, while the share of supporters of such a step is 36%. And if 80% of Democrats are criticizing the plan, as many Republicans support it.

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