Chick-trump in the form of the convict sailed to the USA

Near San Francisco rally called “let’s Send the President a chicken in jail.”

Giant inflatable chick with the face of Donald trump on July 22 was launched into the water off the coast of San Francisco. Figure 10-metre-high dressed in the form of signed number 00045 (in a sign that trump is the 45th President of the United States). Trump chick set sail on a ship labeled “Ship of the prison “Alcatraz”.

Worked his way along the coast, an inflatable figure returned to the port of departure. The image of the incumbent President in the shape of a chicken is the symbol of the protest movement against Donald trump.

Action near San Francisco took place under the slogan “let’s Send the President a chicken in jail.” Recall that the prison on Alcatraz island existed until the 1960-ies, there were kept the most dangerous criminals of the USA. Now the legendary prison is a Museum.
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