Ilhan Omar apologized for anti-Semitic tweets

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was posted on Twitter an apology to the Jewish Americans for expressing her opinion about Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

I didn’t want to offend my constituents or Jewish-Americans. It is always necessary to be able to retreat and to perform criticism. But I hope that I will hear. I apologize“- she wrote.

Omar thanked colleagues for their comments. “Listen and learn“, she wrote.

The first ever US lawmaker-a Muslim, a native of Somalia, previously published in Twitter posts criticizing the international relations of the US and Israel. During an interview with CNN she called on America to put pressure on Israel to ensure respect for the rights of Palestinians. She also called Israel an occupier of Palestinian territories.


Statements Ilhan Omar touched AIPAC, which is one of the most influential lobbying groups. Congresswoman accused it of financing the Pro-Israeli position of the Republicans.

This performance of the young Democrat caused a strong reaction of politicians in the media and social networks. Today the democratic party released an official statement: “We condemn anti-Semitic statements Omar and encourage her to apologize immediately for them“. A statement signed by influential Democrats, including the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.

Pro-Palestinian position Ilham Omar caused discussions in the past, but did not lead to such scandals.

Ilham Omar is not the only young Congresswoman new appeal, which has no relations with the party leadership because of her looks. Similar problems and Democrat from the Bronx Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, promoting a policy green deal so fiercely that he began to talk about her early departure from Congress.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar apologized for his tweets about Israel last updated: February 11, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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