Have you been to Montauk Salt Cave is a therapeutic oasis in new York?

If you suffer from diseases of the respiratory system, asthma, allergies, or just very tired, you should go to Montauk Salt Cave in the East village.

Salt room – a very unusual place, where the walls are covered with Himalayan salt containing negatively charged ions and more than 80 trace elements and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, bromine, copper, selenium and iron. As stated on the website of the company, these particles will help to clear the nasal passages and lungs from pollen, viruses and toxins. A salt room is also a center of alternative and holistic medicine.

Here you can fully relax, breathing in the salty air and enjoying the quiet and meditative music.

Recently salt rooms are gaining popularity because sometimes we all need time to stop, to rest from the rapid pace of life and breath. The atmosphere in Montauk Salt Cave has to rest. In the dimly lit room you can lie down or sit on a folding chair, and looking at the fire, or improvised starry sky, forget about all Affairs and problems.

Doctors are ambivalent about salt rooms. Some doubt the properties of salt and not believe in its healing properties. Others recognize that this alternative method of treatment can be effective.

While doctors and scientists argue, you can go to Montauk Salt Cave and make your own conclusions.

One session that lasts 45 minutes, costs $30. Montauk Salt Cave is located at 90 East 10th Street, Manhattan, 10003.

To reserve a date and session time you are here.

Montauk Salt Cave in the East village — the perfect place to improve your health and just relax updated: Feb 13, 2019 author: Katerina Denisova
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