Katharine Hepburn’s Summertime is the greatest Valentine’s Day movie

Valentine’s Day movies are as easy to come by as fake Murano glass in Venice. There are the classic Hollywood romances with their soft-focus close-ups of starlets’ absurdly perfect bone structures, rom-coms that begin with endearing and enviable meet-cutes, and the watch-it-while-ugly-crying-with-a-pint-of-ice-cream movies that you’d never admit to loving (even if you can recite every word of the reconciliation monologue). There’s even a set of aggressively anti-Valentine’s Day movies out there for people who are single and loving it, darn it!

But by my money, the single greatest Valentine’s Day movie is David Lean’s 1955 film Summertime. It doesn’t typically make it onto the lists of what to watch on Valentine’s Day — or even


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