Kiev does not expect this: the media found out the details of new sanctions against Russia in Ukraine

Preparing restrictive measures may affect the attitude of Ukrainians to their leaders.

360 companies and 50 individuals fall under the retaliatory sanctions of Russia against Ukraine. About it reports “Interfax” reports , “Russian conversation”.

A source from the Russian government said that Ukrainian citizens will make a lot of interesting discoveries thanks to the sanctions list. As hinted by the representative of the Cabinet, Ukrainians will learn that some of their radical leaders, along with their surroundings are not averse to earn in the relations between Russia and Ukraine.

He added that the document will soon give for the signature of Dmitry Medvedev. After the approval of the sanctions list will be published.

Recently, Dmitry Peskov called anti-sanctions are a necessary measure. According to the press Secretary of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin initially did not want to take such a step, but Moscow was forced to respond to the policy of Kiev, which is affecting Ukrainian citizens.
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