The kidnappers of the defendant in homicide cases Boronenkov and Zilina revealed his burial site

Two accomplices in the kidnapping case finally admitted what he did earlier.

Thursday, February 7, from kidnappers involved in the murder of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov and the leader of “Oplot” Evgeny Zhilin, the Ukrainian criminal authority Yury Vasilenko, we got information about his death. About it reports “Rosbalt“reports “League news Russia”.

According to the source, at first Alexander Soshnikov and Vladimir Timonkin said during interrogations that they know nothing about the fate of Vasilenko. Recently, however, the detainees confessed that the abducted are no longer alive, and pointed to the approximate location where the body’s buried.

As you know, the incident occurred on 10 January at the restaurant “Basil”. Yuri Vasilenko was sitting at the table. A little later he was approached by armed men and asked the man to go with them.

When they all went outside, Vasilenko tried to escape, but the men immediately opened fire on him. Yuri was wounded, and the armed men “threw” him in the trunk and drove away.

The reason for the suit became flat in the Preobrazhensky district of the capital with an area of almost 90 sq. m and cost 50 million rubles. Them before escaping to Ukraine at the end of 2016, the Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov rewrote his ex-wife Julia, with whom he lived for 20 years and raised two children.
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