Suddenly washed up on the shore: in the US, by a strange coincidence, on the beach was a giant cross

The inhabitants of one of the American settlements were discouraged by the identification of unique finds on the coast.

As it was established, to identify the anomaly managed tourist Greg gay, who decided to visit the beach town of Fort Lauderdale. According to an eyewitness of the incident, suddenly, he managed to reveal a huge wooden cross, which until the discovery remained a long time in water. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before elephant seals broke through on American beach, breaking the fence.

On long exposure to water have testified numerous mussels and crustaceans, which were strewn find. Superstitious American of the above incident seemed an ominous omen. Moreover, locals believe that in this way God gave them a sign.

It is not excluded that the above cross could arrive in the United States from Cuba, Haiti or Jamaica. Despite staying in the water, no trace of putrefaction was not witnessed. On the eve of this event to local researchers addressed the fair sex, who saw in a dream the mysterious discovery. At the moment investigators at scene pore over the details of the appearance of anomalies on the coast.
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