As the New year meet, so spend it: Kokorin and Mamaev will be in jail another month

To and including 8 February 2019 in jail will hold the players Kokorin and Mamaev. Investigators are asked to leave behind bars and their friends – Pratasavickaja and younger brother Kokorin.

Alexei Krivoruchko, a judge of the Tver court of Moscow, said that investigators want to get the computer, technical and phonoscopic examinations, reports LIGAnews.

The petition also stated that the crimes of the Russian players were committed with special cruelty and the guys still pose a threat to society. The consequence does not exclude that if Kokorin and Mamaev release, those will disappear over the border and will continue to engage in “criminal activities”.

The court decided to leave under guards of the players to and including 8 February 2019, which means new year the players will celebrate in jail.
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