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In this article, the author of the YouTube channel “Damir Z” will tell you how you can make a very beautiful LED lamp in the form of a dandelion or ball lightning from cheap and available materials.
 Simple lamp

This project is quite simple to make, and maybe repeated in home conditions with a minimum set of tools – Materials necessary for DIY
– LED garland – Plastic disposable stacks – Stationery clips – Glue sticks
Tools used by the author.
– Screwdriver
– Hot glue gun.
ь Simple lamp Manufacturing process.
So, the entire lamp shade of the lamp will be made of a very affordable and cheap material – plastic disposable stacks with a capacity of 30 ml.
First of all, in the center of the bottom of each glass you need to drill a hole for the LED.
A simple lamp 'dandelion' with your own hands Simple lamp The light source will be a white LED garland.
It is necessary to choose the diameter of the drill so that the LED was tightly inserted into the hole and held firmly in it.
Simple lamp Simple lamp Simple lamp To speed up the process of drilling holes, the author folds several cups into one another and drills at once all their bottoms through and through. This will be faster and more accurate.
Simple lamp When assembling the lampshade, the master uses stationery clamps, fixing the cups with each other. Moreover, the cups are squeezed not by the clamp itself, but by its staples. Although the plastic is strong enough, it is very fragile, and will not withstand the clamping force.
Simple lamp A simple lamp First, the first ring is assembled. Using a hot glue gun with transparent glue sticks, the bottoms of the cups are glued together.
In this case, you should not use a second cyanoacrylate glue, it will cover the glass surfaces with matte stains.
Simple lamp Simple lamp Then the second row is laid out and also fixed with hot glue.
A simple lamp 'dandelion' with your own hands Simple lamp A simple lamp In this way, the author assembles a hemisphere, periodically turning it over, and adding glue at the bottom joints.
A simple lamp 'dandelion' with your own hands Simple lamp A simple lamp 'dandelion' with your own hands Then another, exactly the same hemisphere is assembled.
A simple lamp Simple lamp  Simple DIY lamp Only now you can insert LEDs into the holes, trying to distribute the wire evenly so as not to get an ugly tangle inside the lamp.
 A simple lamp 'dandelion' with your own hands Simple lamp Simple lamp The LED string turned out to be long enough, and the extra LEDs with a wire had to be folded inside. Both halves are connected to each other, and the power wire is brought out in any convenient place.
To attach such a lamp to the ceiling or wall, you should pre-glue a transparent fishing line inside the structure.
 Simple DIY dandelion lamp Simple lamp Here is such an” airy “lamp in the form of a dandelion or ball lightning.
The disadvantage of this lamp is its complex shape, it will be very difficult to remove the accumulated dust from it. You can enclose the finished product in a transparent acrylic shade, consisting of two hemispheres.
Simple lamp & laquo; dandelion & raquo; do it yourself Simple lamp Simple lamp Simple lamp Even more similarity with dandelion can be achieved by additionally fixing transparent PMMA light guides and attaching their ends to the remaining LEDs inside the lamp.
 Simple lamp Thank the author for a master class on making a simple and beautiful LED lamp.
Good mood, good health, and interesting ideas to everyone!
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