An outsider in Congress

According to Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, only 25 percent are sympathetic to the majority leader in the Senate, Republican Mitch the McConnell, while other leaders of the legislative Assembly is still popular. The share of those who criticize this policy, it is 44%.

For comparison, the approval rating of the leader of the minority in the Senate, Charles Schumer and speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, respectively, 30% and 35%. Sociologists, however, failed to learn the attitude of Kevin McCarthy, who heads a faction of Republicans in the lower house of Congress. But, in any case, all of the legislators, it is lower than that of President Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence — their work is supported by 41% and 42% of respondents.

As suggested by mark Penn, co-Director of Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll on the popularity of all leaders of the Congress had been affected by the suspension of activities of the government. But for McConnell, the low rating may be of particular concern, because in 2020, he plans once again to participate in elections.

Democrats, in turn, will then try to take control of the entire Congress, because to stand for re-election have almost 20 of their current opponents. Particular attention will be paid to such States as Georgia and Arizona, where last year the Republicans won, but with big problems.

Directly in Kentucky dangerous opponent for McConnell could become the Democrat Amy McGrath that in 2018, only slightly lost to a member of the house of representatives Andy Berry and has already announced that in November this will not qualify for Governor.

Until, of course, not known exactly how in 2020 the Democrats deployed the offensive in the district of McConnell. But David Bergstein, press Secretary for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said it would be easy to find a reason for criticism: the fact that he contributed to the beginning of the longest in the history of the suspension of the activities of the government, and the desire to reduce the guarantees for patients with chronic diseases, and spending cuts for Medicare and Social Security in order to provide rich additional benefits. “He is interested in money and power, not the needs of ordinary people”, — concluded Bergstein.

McConnell himself, in an interview to Washington Bureau of McClatchy publishing company recognized that causes a sharply negative attitude on the part of Democrats and could be their main target. “Even more than me, they want to win only Donald trump, so it is an honour, such an attitude on the part of our opponents, — said the legislator. — At the same time, I don’t doubt its ability to gain support across the country.”

Perhaps such confidence is based on the fact that McConnell informed 6 times won the election, and indeed Kentucky is prorepublican state — in 2016, the separation of tramp from Hillary Clinton amounted to 30 percentage points. So, if the President in 2020 will stand for re-election, it will increase the chances and the current majority leader in the Senate, election Fund which now exceeds $ 3.3 million and, of course, may be even more.

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