Creative dad decided to surprise his 7-year-old daughter. It turned out

Lyle Coram moved “Jurassic Park” in your yard, and the girl managed through the Windows “play” with the dinosaurs.

48-year-old Lyle Coram from Las Vegas loves his only daughter and always something comes up to surprise her. Decided to show his seven-year-Shelby living dinosaurs – and moved the “Jurassic Park” in the yard.

Purchased a projector, screen and light to recreate the wild jungle. Well, of course a video camera to film the reaction of the girl: grow – show how she played with the dinosaurs.

In the video, which placed the portal, you see Shelby standing in front of a sliding glass door to the living room and looks into the distant past. Here in front of her ran a herd of velociraptors, baby-Brachiosaurus with my mom, who plucks the leaves from the trees to feed your baby. Then there’s Triceratops.

However, Shelby could not only to watch the inhabitants of “Jurassic Park”, but also to play with them. She waved a bouncy ball in the air, and the little Brachiosaurus tried to take it away.

And when there was a huge tyrannosaur, the girl was frightened, but the fear quickly passed. As jokes the dad, the daughter was born just in time for Halloween and “used to terrible things.” Now that the dinosaurs in his yard disappeared, Lyle wants to “revive” in the room Shelby talking birds and singing mermaids.
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