Why the Democrats of Moldova want to remove the Ambassador from Russia?

It turned out, what did not please the Democrats, the Moldovan Ambassador of Moldova in Russia. The thing is that at the time, it did not prevent the opening of the Moscow Fund of development of social and cultural relations, “Transnistria”.

This was announced by Vice-Chairman of the Democratic party of Moldova, which remains the ruling party in the country. But that’s not all news.

One of the Ambassador’s recall Democrats is not enough and this situation they decided to make the most. The icing on the cake is that they decided to remove the President Igor Dodon. As stated in the ruling party “5 minutes”, to solve their case.

In this situation, the Democrats have shown all: and that dream to get rid of Dodona, and its relation to Transnistria, Russia, and how they establish communication. Striking in just how blatantly they do it, absolutely not hiding their plans or motives. Amazing skill that probably gave them American patrons.
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