Family of LA warns other parents after her son’s death from fentanyl

Few people in the USA have not heard about fantanele and that his appearance in the country narcotizes became alarming.

Not by hearsay know about it, the residents of Los Angeles, Dan and Shane Gertsch, who lost their only son, 25-year-old Alex, the guy died from an overdose.

“He was the center of our lives, – said Dan Gertsch channel KABC. – He was our only child, everything was centered around him. His smile lit the room, he was kind and knew how to sympathize with“.

Alex struggled with drug addiction, he passed a rehabilitation course and within 8 months all was well, but later he returned to this harmful habit.

The son’s body was found by his father. After forensic examination, it became clear that Alex died because of a critical dose of fentanyl, not even knowing what uses this drug.

“We were able to access his phone and saw that he wanted to buy heroin via Craigslist”, – says Shane Gertsch.

According to examiner, Deena Kirby, fentanyl is so powerful and inexpensive that dealers mix it with expensive drugs. Even if you inhale a specific dose of fentanyl is volatile, it can kill you. For the death of a man requires only two milligrams of the drug. The effects of heroin weaker than 50 times.

Fentanyl, according to statistics, in the United States kills about 200 people a day. It is made in China, it is often sent to America by mail.

The Gertsch family asks the obvious question of why the authorities can’t stop it.

If all these parcels come from China, why are they not withdraw? And Сraigslist, and other similar social networks, why are they not doing anything to protect people? They invest in algorithms and data mining to get a profit from advertising, why not use the same technology to counter drug trafficking?“, – asks Shane.

Investigators tracked down the person who sold Alex Gerco fentanyl. The dealer faces 20 years in prison, but it still can not ease the pain of parents losing an only child.

2 milligrams of death: parents shared the tragic story of his son’s death due to the fentanyl updated: February 14, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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