The European Parliament recognized Guido President of Venezuela

Thursday, 31 January, in Brussels, the European Parliament voted for a resolution recognizing 35-year-old Juan, Guido “legitimate acting President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”.

As reported by AFP, deputies also expressed that expressed “full support to the programme of action”, Guide and urge the authorities “all EU countries” to follow suit and to develop a common position on the recognition of the leader of the Venezuelan opposition as President.

We will remind, Guido, who is also Chairman of the National Assembly of Venezuela, January 24, at a mass rally in the capital Caracas announced that proclaims himself as interim President until then, “while the transitional government will organize free elections.”

The President of the United States Donald trump immediately recognized, Guide as acting President of Venezuela (later, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that the Venezuelan opposition made a statement after a conversation with the American Vice-President Mike Pence).

On 26 January the President of France, Prime Minister of Spain, the German government and the high Commissioner of the Union for foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini demanded Venezuelan authorities 8 days to announce the holding of early presidential elections. In response, the foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza said that “the legitimate authorities” reject “the ultimatum put forward by the Europeans.”

January 30, preserving the power of President Nicolas Maduro in an interview with RIA Novosti reiterated this position. Presidential elections “took place 10 months ago”, and “if the imperialists want new elections will have to wait 2025”, he said.

To the question about the state of the economy of Venezuela (where inflation by the end of 2018 amounted to 1 700 000%), Nicolas Maduro said: “We are being critical of the restoration, gaining the upper hand over obstacles and attacks.”

In turn, Juan Guido 29 Jan gave an interview to France 24, said that the current struggle for power in Venezuela “is not a question (the competition) right and left. This is an unprecedented event in the history of the region: children die of starvation, patients die in hospitals because there is no electricity.” Therefore, the citizens of Venezuela “need me,” said Guido.
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