Keep abreast of the Kremlin commented on the situation around the conflict in the EU on the “Nord stream – 2”

Moscow is closely following all the twists and turns in Europe around the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. This news was shared by the press Secretary of the President of Russia.

Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is well aware of the discussions in the EU regarding the construction of “Nord stream – 2”, the resource LIGAnews.

Peskov confirmed by the fact that in Europe itself there is no consensus on a new gas pipeline, but Moscow hopes that the leaders of the EU will make the right decision.

The Kremlin said that today Europe is better not to abandon the project, which is not political, but economic and very profitable for the European countries.

The pipeline is not intended to increase Europe’s dependence on Russia, Peskov said.

And in January, Richard Grenell, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, addressed a letter to all EU leaders calling to stop construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”.
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