Find in the Turkish province: the police seized a rare copy of the Bible age of 1200 years

Representatives of the research world pleased world community surprising discovery in one of the corners of the globe.

According to preliminary information, the Turkish guardians of law and order managed to prevent the spread of contraband. Among the things confiscated was the Bible, whose age was equal to around 1200 years. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First in Israel revealed biblical omen.

An ancient manuscript found in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir during perebrosali black merchants of a valuable artifact with religious content. As noted by experts, the book features 34 pages. Bling external appearance gives the presence of the cover, inlaid in gold letters.

So far not been given any information about its origins. Due to the worsening situation in Syria, Libya and Iraq, Turkish officials had to throw all forces on struggle with contraband goods, because in the above States, was stolen a huge number of valuable artifacts. Now in the research world trying true purpose of the findings and the creators of the unique artifact, which is very interested in the world of scientists.
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