France was the world championship riding a toy horse

On Saturday evening, September 29, in the Vendee (France) finished first in the world championship “hobby-horsing” — equestrian without a horse. Instead of real horses, the participants rode on a “horse on a stick.”

This new sport is invented Finnish teenagers, it combines gymnastics, athletics and choreography. Participants doing a variety of exercises typical of equestrian sport, holding between the legs a stick with a head toy horses — the world famous vintage child’s toy.

If at first this sport in Finland practiced mainly teenage girls, but now it has gained popularity among adult men. The competition consists of five basic elements of dressage: piaffe (trot in place), passage (elastic step), pirouette at the canter, lateral movement and popupoverlay. Then the participants must go through the obstacle course with barriers with a height of 60 cm And jump they must not like a man, like a horse, not tucking in his legs, one hand holding the stick and the other pulling on the reins.

Championship “in equestrian sport for the two-legged” in France was held under the patronage of the famous French actor and Director Guillaume Canet, big fan of this sport. The competition was attended by 50 teams of six people each. The participants came from Belgium, New Zealand, the UK, Spain and various regions of France. The winner will be rewarded with a trip for all six members of the team to Finland, the home of hobby horsing.

Hobby horsing gained worldwide popularity after in 2017, the screens out a documentary film by Finnish Director Selma Vilhunen “Horses on sticks: the revolution”.

Many believe the new sports children’s entertainment, but in fact it requires great physical effort and does not cause ridicule of professional riders. “We believe that it is great that hobby horsing became so phenomenally popular, says Fred Sundwall, Chairman of the equestrian Federation of Finland. — It allows anyone no way to buy this horse, to interact with them outside of the stables and riding schools”.
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