Pandemic has done wonders for children, say psychologists

HYDERABAD: Children staying at home and not going to school in the past 11 months may not have been such a bad thing after all, psychologists say. They point out that while children not getting educated in schools could have caused concern among parents, the time kids spent at home because of Coronavirus pandemic has had some beneficial effects in terms of bonding within families, among other things.

Dr Mothukuri Ramchander, a counselling psychologist, observed: “Children have been able to enjoy their childhood in a better way. Before the lockdown, children as young as one year were forced to spend time in crèches or play schools. After that, they would go to a regular school, where the focus of parents will only be education that they want their children to pursue.”

Such a pursuit meant children straightaway preparing for their future, thereby losing their childhood, as they would have no time to really experience it. “Such academic pressures from early childhood are resulting in fragile minds among children, which we are already witnessing,” Dr Ramchander remarked.

But thanks to lockdown for quite some months, children have developed deeper bonds with their families, learnt how to be a part of a team, and developed ability to express care and concern for others. This is very different from children who instead develop selfish and self-centred tendencies, the psychologist observed.
Dr Sudhir Charles, consultant paediatrician, said the confinement of children to their homes had made them play, spend time outside and remain in the sun.

Increased outdoor activity and exposure to sun has even helped them develop better immunity, apart from making them physically stronger.

Meghala and Aarshita (names changed) have been having best of time playing with friends in their colony. The past few months have been like a retreat for them. They said they now get more time to sleep, there is no need to wake up early, or rush to school.

Shazia Hussain, whose two daughters are school students, said: “These 11 months gave us some quality time. I got to spend a lot of time with my daughters. Even my husband is working from home. Initially, there was a lot of phobia about the new virus. But overall, it has been a pleasant time.”

Bharathi Vaidyula and her husband, residents of Vanastalipuram, are very happy about spending more time with their grandson. “He had always been busy with school or tuition. But now, we have been spending a lot of time with him. It is great to see him playing with neighbouring kids,” Bharathi remarked.


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