The epidemic caused… advertising?

According to researchers from the Medical school of new York University and Boston Medical Center, the popularization of the opiate painkillers, which involved producers, has led to the fact that doctors began to prescribe these drugs more often, and the number who died from overdoses has increased.

These findings, published in JAMA Network Open, scientists have come as a result of the analysis carried out with the support of the National Institutes of Health. As it turned out, in 2010 the number of prescriptions for the purchase of opiate drugs has decreased, but remains 3 times higher than in 1999. And the closer was the interaction of pharmaceutical companies with physicians, the more frequent overdose.

Only for 2013-2016 such firms, advertising opiates paid about 68 thousands of therapists practicing more than 2.2 districts, $39.7 million — we are talking not only about fees for speaking and consulting, but also paying flights and accommodation. Thus in districts where the number of payments listed physicians, there was above average by only 3 per 100 thousand population, the number of overdose deaths was 18% more. The greatest attention marketers paid to the North-Eastern region.

As summed up by the head of research associate Professor Magdalena Cerda, Director, Center for Opioid Epidemiology and Policy at NYU Medical school, the findings indicate that state governments and the administration of medical institutions must set a limit not only on the amounts that doctors have the right to obtain from the pharmaceutical companies for their services, but also on the frequency of such contacts.
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