The Senate against hasty withdrawal of troops

The Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, disagreed with President Donald trump, speaking against hasty withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

However, this legislative initiative is largely symbolic. The Senate supported the amendment a recommendation proposed by the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell, which stated that, in the opinion of the Senate, Islamist militant groups in both countries continue to pose a serious threat to the United States.

The adoption of the amendments voted by 70 senators, against – 26.

The amendment recognizes the progress made in the fight against “Islamic state” and al-Qaeda in Syria and Afghanistan, but warns that “rapid withdrawal” of the United States may lead to destabilization of the region and create a vacuum that can fill or Iran or Russia.

The document calls on the administration to trump to confirm compliance with the conditions, evidence of “long term failure” of these groups before a significant withdrawal of troops from Syria or Afghanistan.

Before the vote, McConnell said he introduced the bill to the Senate could “clearly and directly to Express the importance of” missions in Afghanistan and Syria.

Approval of the amendment was expected after last week, the Senate endorsed it during a procedural vote. In connection with the concerns raised by some Democrats, the Senate added the clarification that the amendment should not be interpreted as a Declaration of war or authorization for use of military force. The amendment was included in a broader bill on security in the middle East, which is pending in Congress.

After approving the amendment, the Senate held a procedural vote and 72 votes for and 24 against, supported the continuation of work on the broader bill. But to gain the force of law, the bill must be approved by the House of representatives, which is controlled by Democrats.

Here it is likely to be significant changes caused by concerns about the provisions for the movement “Boycott, refusing to invest and sanctions”, whose members are concerned about the treatment of Israel with the Palestinians. Several Republican party members of the trump expressed strong disagreement with its plans to withdraw 2 thousand us troops from Syria, which the President explained that the militants no longer pose a threat.

However, Senator Jim Risch, Republican Chairman of the Senate Committee on foreign relations, before the vote did not agree that the amendment is a rebuke to the Trump or insults him. “In my reading, she acknowledges his efforts, so we can accurately understand what we’re doing in these places,” said Rish.

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