The players will cast a supermodel for computer games

Douglas “Censor” Martin has chosen to prepare for the championship in Call co Duty.

American Douglas Martin is very passionate about the computer game Call of Duty. And not just passionate about – he was a successful competitive players, member of the FaZe clan, where he performs under the name Censor. And the girl he had become. Was.

Douglas three years met with the sexiest leading weather in Mexico Janet Garcia, supermodel, who starred for the covers of magazines.

But the guy left her because of the games. Douglas realized that he needs to improve in skills for the Championships in August, he will have Call of Duty World League Championship. He recorded a video in which he explained that he just doesn’t have time for a girlfriend, and he chooses a career.

“I’m so focused on Call of Duty that can’t give her as much attention as she wants. And I just know that this situation will continue for at least another year. It will work, I’ll have all day to play Black Ops 4. I just know I’m going to play Black Ops 4,” said Douglas.

After a breakup grief-stricken Mexican woman wrote that her heart is broken, and removed all the joint with gamer pictures.
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