Irina Alksnis: That reminds me of US foreign policy. Feminine look

Considering this enchanting history with the recognition by the States of Guido (it turned out that representatives of the Venezuelan opposition have convinced Washington to do it, promising that after that the army “will move to the side of the people” and the Maduro government itself will collapse within days — but oops, never happened)…So considering this situation, I realized that I like the current US foreign policy

Old-old joke about the secret of success with women the Lieutenant Rzhev.

We used to laugh at the sentence “vpendyurit” made in the forehead, but if we consider the situation in essence, it looks much more intricate.

Included with this, frankly, boorish offer at Rzhev was a whole set of additional factors:

1.Attractive young man in a handsome hussar uniform.

2.Dashingly masculine charm.

3. The male bird in good physical shape, which is pleasant to touch.

and most importantly

4. Many women’s revelations and gossip about what a positive response to the proposal guarantees the insolent woman of pleasure, which compensate for her bearish behavior of Lieutenant.

No wonder that at such input the ratio vpendyurit/got the face, the first paragraph provided Rzhevsky very decent results.

Now imagine the same Lieutenant, but later… say, 30 years.

All the same confidence of a young, beautiful and strong men. But women see a dirty old man drooling over young, with wrinkles, bald spot, flabby body and rasplyvsheysya figure. A female gossip is told that he has serious problems with potency, and erection if it works, then it is not long enough — in short, a woman to tolerate his simple-minded rudeness has no special interest.

No, the old Lieutenant still from time to time fall to. Mostly from old passions that feed him nostalgic affection. And it allows him to feel that he is still hoo and not particularly think that the last time to slap him more often.

Irina Alksnis
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