Migrant families are demanding compensation for the separation from his children

Eight migrant families accuse the US authorities that the border has separated them with the children and did not provide information on the place and conditions of detention. Parents require the administration of U.S. President Donald trump’s $6 million compensation for each case.

A rally in support of immigrants ‘ rights, mn

The woman, who arrived from Guatemala, says that the immigration officer who picked up her 5-year-old son, smiling, wished her a “happy mother’s Day”. The statement said that many children received psychological trauma after separation from parents, many observed loss of appetite.

An immigrant from Guatemala, claims that her son was detained in may. She was in the detention center, which was nicknamed “ice box”. The immigration officer mocked her and three other women, told them that the law changed, so they are deported and the children taken away

The woman said that another worker immigration woke her up around 5.00 in the morning, ordered to wash and dress his son, and then took him to another room. Migrant begged me not to take the child and deport them together in Guatemala. The boy spoke only the indigenous Guatemalan language. The officer responded by laughing, making fun of her bad English. The mother and son were reunited in July, but then sent them to the family center for temporary detention of illegal immigrants, and from there they were released in November.

Stanton Jones, the lawyer for the families of the applicants, says that victims are entitled to monetary compensation for moral damage caused by abuse of the immigration officers.

The government damages the psyche of children, calling it a policy of the administration to trump, “said Jones. He was sure that for immigrants specifically create unbearable conditions that force them to refuse to move to the United States. “It’s disgusting, immoral and is a violation of human rights, “says Jones.

The claims of the immigrants were transferred to the departments of homeland security, health and welfare, in accordance with the Federal law on the protection from torture. According to Jones, the government has six months to give an official response before immigrants can apply to the court.

Press Secretary, HHS Evelyn Stauffer stated that the Department could not comment on the claims as irrelevant to the separation of families on the border. Other departments from comments while abstain.

These eight families can be pioneers, a human rights activist Max burns wrote on Twitter that he knows about 70 immigrants, ready to follow their example.

As writes ABC, the White house officially acknowledges that in 2018 separated more than 2 000 families. Probably there were more, as not all cases were recorded. Last week official representatives of relevant agencies told members of Congress that they don’t know the exact statistics about the separation of families during the period from late 2017 to early 2018. At this time, conducted a policy of so-called “zero tolerance” against immigrants.

As noted Vloomberg, in the judgment of June 2018 requires the Department of health and social services to reunite with their parents more than 2,700 children under their care.

As stated by Ann Maxwell, inspector HHS, in the U.S. there is no system that reliably monitor the fate of children who are separated at the border with his parents.

Migrants require US $6 million for each case of separation of families on the border updated: Feb 13, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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