BJP march over advocate couple’s murder

Hyderabad: Thousands of advocates under the leadership of the BJP legal cell participated in a 'Chalo Gunjapadugu' rally on Sunday, demanding a CBI probe into the murder of the lawyer couple G. Vaman Rao and his wife Nagamani.

Senior advocate and BJP MLC N. Ramchander Rao and MLA Raja Singh flagged off the rally at the Secunderabad court complex. They said the BJP legal cell waned to pay tribute to the victims and meet Vamana Rao’s parents at Gunjapaudugu.

Raja Singh alleged that the Vaman Rao couple were killed by TRS leaders and accused that the state government neglected their safety even though they complained in police station and officers. He said that don't have trust in local police and the government will probe the case with the CBI.

Ramachander Rao demanded the state government should punish the accused behind the murders including leaders of the ruling party. He recalled that Vaman Rao mentioned some people's names who were attacked on him and behind them the state government should investigate them.

He reminded that the Vaman Rao couple complained that they were in danger of death and the police did not provide protection. He said that lawyers bring the issues to the attention of the court on behalf of the public, with these leaders of the ruling party threatening lawyers. The government failed to provide security which has brought to its attention, the same thing happened in the case.

Several lawyers regret that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has not responded so far if a lawyer couple is killed on the highway. Steps be taken to punish those behind the murder of Vaman Rao couple no matter how big they are.

The advocates demanded the government for a comprehensive inquiry should be held into the pills taken by the Vaman Rao couple and action should be taken against culprits.



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