Collapsed in one day in Ukraine has sharply decreased the quotation of Eurobonds – details

After the incident in the Kerch Strait, which occurred on 25 November, Ukraine has sharply reduced all its prices, Eurobonds.

Ukrainian media reported that the leaders of the minus sign is Eurobonds Ukraine – 32, the resource LIGAnews.

Eurobonds lost weight 1,295%. It is followed by Ukraine – 24 1,117%, and closes the three leaders of Eurobonds Ukraine – 25, sagging on 1,158%.

While economists report that the negative trend observed in all the Eurobonds.

The situation in the Kerch Strait has exacerbated the situation with the shares of some Ukrainian companies. Shares of Ferrexpo on the London Mercantile exchange fell by 2.14%. In the cons left the shares of the company MHP – 0,94%.
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